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Top 3 Favorite Actors
1- Matthew Lillard
2- Mike Myers
3- Ewan McGregor

Top 3 Favorite Actresses
I don't really have 3 favorite actresses, but if I had to pick one actress that I like, it would be Nathalie Portman.

Top 3 Favorite Directors
Don't really have any.

Top 3 Most Attractive Actors and/or Actresses
1- Matthew Lillard!!
2- Jesse Bradford
3- Devon Sawa

Top 10 Alltime Favorite Movies (no particular order)
SLC Punk!, The Curve, Big Fish, Idle Hands, Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, So I Married An Axe Murderer, Donnie Darko, Edward Scissorhands, Garden State, Trainspotting

Best 3 NEW Movies
(movies you recently saw in theatres)
Um...well, they're not the best 3 but they're the only 3 I've seen recently:
1- Cursed
2- Hitch
3- Hide and Seek

Top 5 Most Anticipated Movies
I only have 2 really...
1- Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (11 days!)
2- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Top 3 Crappiest Movies You've Ever Seen
1- Closer
2- Extreme Ops
3- Finder's Fee (even Matthew Lillard couldn't make it bearable!)

Your favorite scene from any movie.
The scene from Garden State where they're all stoned, I love the way it was filmed.

The movie that scared you the most.
I don't really get scared during movies.

The movie that made you laugh the most.
Freddy Got Fingered

The movie that made you cry the most (if you cry in movies).
Either SLC Punk! or Garden State

The movie that made you think the most.
Donnie Darko or The Curve

The movie that made you the most uncomfortable.

The movie that made you feel the best at the end.
I don't know.

The movie that you made fun of the most.
Night at the Roxbury...not so much I make fun of it, more that me and my friends imitate it a lot.

And lastly - what makes a good movie?
Originality, good plot, good actors...
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