lauconfidential (lauconfidential) wrote in moviebadasses,

hmm...didnt know where else to post this...

i just came back from seeing "crash" (finally, i know), and im still not quite sure what the movie was about.

im not sure, but spoiler alert?

i think the whole race thing is a bit too obvious, especially for a guy like paul haggis, but theres always the idea that labels may make you feel secure, but in reality they do the opposite. then theres the "people change, for better or worse" card. and of course redemption, with the snow (totally ripping off magnolia, might i add). but im leaning toward what graham said in the beginning, about people needing to crash into one another to feel a part of something, that people create conflict just so they feel something other than emptiness (im pushing for this one because of the very end, when theres another car crash).

anyone have any ideas?
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