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First on my list of many many things to update about:
Be forewarned: expect many entries coming up.

And yes, this comes before trip details, even before a certain gorgeous guy named Kevin! *gasp*

[Minor spoilers. Mostly technical, not much in the way of plot]

I've been reading many many reviews, snippets, articles etc. about it. Obviously because of my Ewan. I bought the Entertainment Weekly magazine because he and Scarlett were on the cover. (Most features of the movie; this one and the earlier Premier one have centered on Bay rather than the actors). I also stole this weeks copy of Variety that was laying around in the LAX airport. (Variety is like the weekly showbiz newspaper that the Hollywood people read. It's amazing!). Anyway, from what I factually read from these reviews and articles and also from viewpoints of the reviewers, I'm fairly certain I already know exactly how I'm going to feel about this movie.

To start, from what I've read, and from my previous hunch, I pretty much can't stand Michael Bay. He's a "Screw the critics because I can make 100 mil. on each movie I make anyway" type of guy. All he wants to do is create a plot based around being able to blow things up and pair his male 30 something lead with a hot 20 year old female companion. Word has it he has a nasty temper also. In my opinion, he's pretty much the sterotypical Hollywood director at his worst. So Michael Bay isn't my guy. there's still hope.

Next. Apparently, the original script by Caspian Tredwell-Owen was supposedly slower, very thought provoking in an unconventional action sort of way, and dealt very well with the moral issues and controversial subjects centering around the topic of cloning. Well, of course Bay didn't like that she he cut him off and brought in Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, a team of rising writers, who I think worked on Alias. I kind of have faith in these two though, because although this isn't going to be any huge thought provoking action movie (that would simply be too much to ask) it is what it is, and they should be able to do what they do best. And all throughout, Bay is haggling for more money and Speilberg's getting ansy about the budget and production.

Although the first hour is supposed to be extremely enticing (Tredwell-Owen's part) the second is supposed to fall flat with action that doesn't make sense and a story that goes nowhere thanks to our lovely director. And apparently the set design is vivid and gorgeous, although Variety claims that Bay rushes through to get to the action, and doesn't rest for even a few seconds on the imagery created.

And the real reason I'm planning to give Michael Bay my money on opening day? The cast. Ewan is supposed to be subtly perfect. And seriously? Listen to me when I tell you not to cringe at the cheesy boyish lines he may throw out during the movie (although Star Wars fans are used to that - sorry!) because it's all part of his character. The ignorant, naive, and socially retarded clones out in the world for the first time ever? Ewan apparently can step up Lincoln Sic-Echo to his own level of greatness. But apparently Scarlett fails to deliver in that aspect, which will be a shame if it's true. Although, she signed on after reading the Tredwell-Owen script without meeting with Bay. Maybe it's not what she was expecting? Her ignorance is supposed to be to up front and obvious. But, we also have Sean, Steve and Djimon, PLUS a second Ewan!

Okay, if Ewan wasn't in it, it wouldn't be my first pick, and I obviously don't like Michael Bay. It also bugs me how every article states that Bay signed the "Indie" actors so he didn't have to pay any high profile dudes and he could save his $120 million budget plus $850,000 he dished from product placement (which is supposedly way too in your face). The sad truth is, he knows how to make an action flick. And the other sad truth is, I hope it does do well at the box office because I'm rooting for Ewan obviously. And the other sad truth is, I may love it...but no one really knows, just like no one really knows how well it'll do. And hey, two weeks ago they were still adding voiceover and another scene at the end between Sean and Ewan.

Okay. Well I've typed about a movie for 6 paragraphs and I haven't even seen it yet. I look way too deep into these things.
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