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hey, I'm new.

Top 3 Favorite Actors: Elijah Wood, Ewan Mcgregor, Colin Hanks and Adrien Brody (equal)
Top 3 Favorite Actresses: Sandra Bullock, natalie portman, Liv Tyler
Top 3 Favorite Directors: Tim Burton, Michel Gondry, Quentin Tarantino

Top 3 Most Attractive Actors and/or Actresses: ewan mcgregor, johnny depp, bill pullman

Top 10 Alltime Favorite Movies

Eternal Sushine of the Spotless Mind
Napoleon Dynamite
Edward Scissorshands
Lord of the rings 1,2,3
While you were sleeping
Phantom of the Opera
Team America

Best 3 NEW Movies: Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, The Island, Sin city

Top 5 Most Anticipated Movies: corpse bride, king kong (directed by peter jackson! woot!), harry potter 4, charlie and the chocolate factory

Top 3 Crappiest Movies You've Ever Seen:
Pump Fiction
Harry and Kumar go to whitecastle

Your favorite scene from any movie: eternal sunshine, where joel leaves the house and says "theres no memory left, i walked out the door", clem "well come back and make up a goodbye at least, pretend we had one" joel "I love you," clem "meet me in montauk"...

The movie that scared you the most: the grudge
The movie that made you laugh the most: team america, and the grudge
The movie that made you cry the most: titanic (shutup) donnie darko
The movie that made you think the most: Adaption, Secretary
The movie that made you the most uncomfortable: the sweetest thing
The movie that made you feel the best at the end: team america, anastasia
The movie that you made fun of the most: Dracula 2000

What makes a good movie: ewan mcgregor and the occasional blue mood setting
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