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Entry thing

Top 3 Favorite Actors- Edward Norton, Johnny Depp, Christopher Walken
Top 3 Favorite Actresses- Scarlett Johanssen, Zhang Ziyi, Uma Thurman
Top 3 Favorite Directors- Darren Aronofsky, David Fincher, Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Top 3 Most Attractive Actors and/or Actresses
Uma Thurman, Audrey Tautou, Lucy Liu

Top 10 Alltime Favorite Movies-
Fight Club
A Clockwork Orange
Battle Royale
City of God
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Shaun of the Dead
Donnie Darko

Best 3 NEW Movies
Kung Fu Hustle
The Life Aquatic
Sin City,
those are the most recent good movies I have seen in theatres

Top 5 Most Anticipated Movies
The Black Dahlia
The Illusionist
Motherless Brooklyn
The Passion of the Clerks

Top 3 Crappiest Movies You've Ever Seen
Shall We Dance?, Titanic, Laws of Attraction

Your favorite scene from any movie- Requiem for a Dream, when Tyrone runs from the limo and is then apprehended by the cops

The movie that scared you the most-the Ring when I first saw it
The movie that made you laugh the most- many
The movie that made you cry the most- American History X
The movie that made you think the most-Mulholland Dr.
The movie that made you the most uncomfortable.-none, really
The movie that made you feel the best at the end-American Beauty
The movie that you made fun of the most-none

And lastly - what makes a good movie?
Amazing cinematography, directing and acting, as well as a great story
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