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Our Favorite False Realities

The Movies that We Love

The Modern Movie Goer
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There's nothing better than a good movie.. except for perhaps another one.. and then so on. Movies are our portals to the worlds that we cannot live in, so we watch them and dream and dream and dream instead. Deny it if you like, but we all love these false realities.

This is why I want to make my own movies (aspiring director/producer/writer/whatever-else-comes-my-way). Only 150 interests are allowed, and these are my personal movie interests. Please add your own in an entry and join the community to talk about whatever movie you enjoyed, whatever actor you fell in love with, whatever director did a magnificent job, or whatever movie fuckin' blew. It's up to you. Get to it.

If you would be so kind (and I hope you will) post your answers to the following questions in your first post (in a cut or not, it doesn't matter). It's a fun game! I promise.

Top 3 Favorite Actors
Top 3 Favorite Actresses
Top 3 Favorite Directors

Top 3 Most Attractive Actors and/or Actresses
(They don't have to have talent :oP)

Top 10 Alltime Favorite Movies (no particular order)

Best 3 NEW Movies
(movies you recently saw in theatres)

Top 5 Most Anticipated Movies

Top 3 Crappiest Movies You've Ever Seen

Your favorite scene from any movie.
The movie that scared you the most.
The movie that made you laugh the most.
The movie that made you cry the most (if you cry in movies).
The movie that made you think the most.
The movie that made you the most uncomfortable.
The movie that made you feel the best at the end.
The movie that you made fun of the most.

And lastly - what makes a good movie?

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